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Getting Your Legal House…

Getting Your Legal House in Order During the Covid-19 Crisis

What You Need to Know With so many people asking how to make sure they are legally protected during the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve put together some information to guide you during this unprecedented time. ORGANIZE & REVIEW This level of health crisis warrants a close look at whether you and y… Read More
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Estate Planning Every Sma…

Estate Planning Every Small Business Owner Should Consider

You’ve worked hard to build your business and you probably dream of passing it (or the value of it) along to your family when you are gone. If you haven’t put the right legal plan in place, you could be passing along a nightmare instead of a dream. There are 4 essential planning techniques every… Read More
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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

As the population of Lake Norman becomes larger and more diverse, the demand for competent legal services grows as well. There are very few estate planning firms in this area. Estate and business planning are specific areas of law. Before you hire an attorney to do your estate plan, read my 5 Questi… Read More
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Meet Christine Robbins

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Christine Robbins is the owner and Managing Attorney of Robbins & Bentz. An experienced attorney dedicated to helping individuals and families make the very best legal decisions, Christine has been practicing law since 2000. Her practice focuses… Read More

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